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14 Years After The West Memphis Three May 14, 2007

Posted by iniquity in True Crime, West Memphis Three.

Steven BranchWEST MEMPHIS, AR–This week marks the 14th anniversary of the West Memphis Three. It’s a case that captured the attention of millions when three young boys from West Memphis were found brutally murdered.

Three men now sit behind bars, one on death row for the crimes. Meanwhile the victims’ families are still looking for closure.

Stevie Branch was an honor roll student who won awards in math and science. He had an active imagination and loved to sing.

“He was a very intelligent little boy. I could have had the next president, had he not been murdered,” said Pamela Hobbs the mother of Stevie Branch.

Stevie would have turned 23 this year and his mother often thinks of what could have been.




1. shakra - July 9, 2007

As a mother of two i deeply feel for the victims families and do not even pretend to know of the heartache they have endured.I do however beleive that they as have been blindsited by grief and were handed these three boys to lay blame upon.I honestley believe that the boys that were convicted of this crime were inoccent and do wish for the families of the inoccent little boys who’s lives were taken to watch the doccumenteries that were made on this case,and if they feel no different then so be it,but if they feel like something just doesnt add up than mabye they can help.

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