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Here are some poems that my friend Jesse posted, you can see his page HERE.


Stream Of Ridiculousness

Two tiny dogs ran with blueberries by the fence
Light Clowns
Dark Clowns
Around the world kick that bass
But who doesn’t, i know i can
Wait! there little boyscout i want to buy some cookies
Pictures   People    Canada
Shoes with muffin tops fanning the beat that goes around
Controls in life, time goes by around the world
Who is untitled?   Am i untitled?
Are we all untitled books written by some godly pen
Ashtrays of the universe aligned to smoke the bass that kicks……
Scarfs of Blindness
Earmuffs of Silence
Bass in       Bass out
Beer     no!    not beer      maybe
Laughing drunken stoopers on the stoop
Around the world we all laugh
Lights that flash
People that pass
A lone Pirate flag tied to the mast……..we all salute
Peasants and princes eating cheese blinztes
If my name was mud then yours is dumb
Since we let the beat blow out our eardrums
Phyzz and Pop
I’m gonna drop but i should mop
Cause the custodians tried and failed
So now the floor is jailed   from looking clean
Or maybe we should all be mean
Around the world the bass is kickin and we all better get out of the way before we get pushed too far
If my name is Sid then my cat likes catnip cause it gets him high when he wants to be
But if i cant see this life around the corner of the block then maybe im just an idiot who doesn’t get enough sleep to feel rested
On a bike in the gunk
It was thrown in and it sunk
Atleast the color was bad
Magenta with Cyan Handles
Who are these Damn Vandals!?
Around the world who stole my precious bass that kicks….

It’s Amazing How Little Some People Care

Time brings all futures to a past
the endless roundabout
of expressionless dust fading from youth
a life lived free
a life lived well
choices not made but felt
to float like a child’s toy down the rainy streets of memory
long since vanished
Was there ever a choice?
Was there ever a need for one?
It’s never too late, you know
to pick up the pieces
of dreams left by the wayside

We all carry our claim
to a better life
a better world
but at what cost?

Adventurous Amateurs of Monumentous Magnanimity

Shall we revel forever in our mediocracy
or maybe
just maybe
a time will come
a life not far off
the glimmer of matching eyes
the spark of igniting hearts
the most beautiful song ever written
blaring forth at skyward volumes
announcing a return
a second chance at feeling
one more cry for help
unbegotten and undiminished
through the sundering silence of time
spent without

How my eyes do strain
to see
through this darkened world
of candles burning only half as bright
if only by choice
please dear candle burn bright
for swiftly the future comes again
the tempering tempest of all events

Still hope lingers yet
on the breeze
of a chance unseen

Life was always meant to be better
whether or not it could have been worse.

How could I forget?

Onward and Upward 

Remembering a day of simple solutions
When time moved slow and dreams seemed real
Nothing else mattered
What happened to the world?
What’s happened to me?
A decided destiny all at once focusing in fast-forward
Memories of paltry attempts at life slowing fading into the backround
All at once the goal seems clear and my determination is in the right place
The only place to go from here is up
And by the way
Why do people feel the need to stand on top of you in the subway when there is no one on the subway, was this guy cold and seeking comfort, was he magnetically attracted to my elbow, his eyes certainly were, am i just being to ny when i stare right back into this guys eyes and silently decree my obvious annoyance, “If your gonna stand right there we might as well hold hands guy…”
What happened next was the funniest part

A Long Cold Season

The sun has set, the day is done, despairing devils of tragic tales, the humiliated heart torn and tossed away, writhing its misbegotten song   tied-up and draped from the gallows…abandoned,  the leaves have changed again, fallen failures, one valiant branch at life pursued the fruitless endeavor of love restrained, the lumberjack’s saw how it tears the bark, the wooded sinew laid bare spilling its sap forever across the murky forest’s floor, cold and futile, a silent winter of the world, farewell to spring,  to pine over the pines to withdraw the only fire that could warm these aching hands, laid to rest in the snow an eternal slumber, a mere beginning to a long cold season of the soul

A Feeling

Feelings overwhelmed speaking words with no past of  illogical romance,   reason left out of emotion filled candle-lit eyes     searching for meaning when meaning is meaningless in a bubble-filled world of pairs,  who do we have to be when we wake-up?      it all makes sense in the silent laughter of a sweaty-handed ramble through life      jaunts the heart so, in fear of eternal reprehension of ones spirit



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